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Microsoft office 2021 Professional Plus for Windows 10 or Windows 11 is the successor to Office 2019 Professional Plus. This edition of Office 2021 contains the most extensive collection of applications. i.a. Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote, Publisher, Access are included in this package.

Do you want to use the latest Office package but do not have to pay monthly for this? Then this edition of Office 2021 is perfect for you. You get all known applications with the latest and newest updates for a one-time fee.

Difference between online and phone activation

Online activation of the software is faster and less complicated than telephone activation. With both online activation and telephone activation, you will receive an activation code for the software on your screen and in your e-mail immediately after your payment.

You now need to download and activate the software. With online activation you can do this quickly and easily yourself, without having to call Microsoft. With telephone activation, you still have to call the Microsoft call-computer after installation to activate the software.

This is done via a toll-free phone number and you don't have to speak to anyone, Microsoft's call-computer takes care of everything for you. This way of activating works fine, but it takes more time and is a bit more complicated. 

New features in Office 2021

Microsoft has added dozens of new features in Office 2021. Unfortunately, not all features are available to users who opt for a one-time payment. For the updates that facilitate online collaboration, you unfortunately need an Office 365 Subscription.

Following are new features that are available in Office 2021 with a one-time activation license.

Every experienced Excel user knows it. the VLOOKUP function never does exactly what you intend it to do. In Excel 2021, Microsoft has added a new function called XLOOKUP which will solve all your problems. Now you never have to fumble with VLOOKUP again.

Dynamic Arrays
You can generate Arrays in Excel 2021. An array is a collection of information. When you create a formula with multiple values, it becomes an Array. You can then sort, filter and more. The values ​​are then displayed below each other in your spreadsheet.

The new XMATCH feature is actually similar to XLOOKUP. However, where XLOOKUP returns a value from the selected column, XMATCH only indicates on which line the desired value can be found.

Record presentations
PowerPoint 2021 now gives you the opportunity to record your presentation. This can be done with audio only or with video and audio. This way you can deliver your presentation completely digitally. You can record a fragment per slide or make a long recording.

Ink Replay
With Ink Replay in PowerPoint 2021 you can draw in your presentation. Drawing is nothing new, but now you can have your drawing animate so that the spectators really create your drawing line by line. This can be useful in many situations to explain more complex drawings.

In Outlook 2021, Microsoft has added the option to translate received email messages in real time. This way you will never again suffer from a language barrier when you e-mail people from abroad.

Search in Outlook 2021
Searching for e-mails, contacts, appointments and more has been completely overhauled. In Office 2021 there is 1 central search bar where you can find everything. Simply start typing what you are looking for and Outlook will find it for you instantly.

Immersive Reader
For those who have trouble reading or focusing, Microsoft has added the Immersive Reader to Word 2021. It allows you to optimize colors, spacing, dimensions and more so that you can read through a document in a focused way. You can also have Word 2021 read your document so that you only have to listen.
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